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Mireille Gillings Neuroimaging Centre

The Mireille Gillings Neuroimaging Centre was officially opened by Lady Mireille Gillings in March 2022. It was funded by part of a £10 million donation from the Dennis and Mireille Gillings Foundation. 

The new Centre will enable researchers to build on current clinical trial expertise through innovative use of state-of-the-art brain-scanning technology and techniques and become the leading clinical trial centre in Europe for trials focussing on Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and brain health.

The new facility incorporates the latest PET and MRI scanner and is already at the centre of research to help understand how the brain works, and to gain insight into how best to prevent and treat diseases including dementia and Parkinson’s.

The gift also funded three Mireille Gillings Fellows in Health Innovation, supporting female academics in leadership roles. Two years on, each of the three Fellows appointed is in a senior leadership position.