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The website is raising money for COVID related projects all over the university.

New fundraising site launched to support COVID-19 work

Supporters of the University of Exeter can now support COVID-19 related projects across the institution via a dedicated fundraising website.

Donations will be spread across the projects wherever the need is greatest, in order to support the most crucial activity over the next months.

Some of the projects supported by the fundraising include developing a new test to determine if people with COVID-19 are still infectious, an emergency assistance fund to support students facing hardship in the face of the pandemic, a study of the impact on family carers, and a project to predict the spread of the virus and evaluate the impact of quarantine.

All donations of any size will add up to make a significant difference in this collective fund. Support has already helped fund research into antibody tests and provide more than £140,000 to students experiencing unexpected financial difficulties.

Visit the website and view all the areas here:

Date: 22 May 2020

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