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The Campaign will support the University’s commitment to investing in its students to become ‘Tomorrow’s Leaders’

University of Exeter launches its largest ever fundraising Campaign

The University of Exeter has launched its most ambitious philanthropic Campaign to date to reinforce its position as one of the leading research institutions worldwide.

The ‘Making the Exceptional Happen’ Campaign will raise £60 million by 2020 to support research into shared global challenges, including climate change, chronic disease and food security. The funds raised will leverage a further £100 million from research and corporate partners over this period.

The Campaign will also secure 60,000 hours from 6,000 volunteers to help enhance Exeter’s outstanding student experience.

Funds and volunteering hours raised will support the University’s commitment to investing in its students to become ‘Tomorrow’s Leaders’ through a range of initiatives including career mentoring and scholarships, and enhancing teaching facilities and sporting success.

Professor Sir Steve Smith, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Exeter said: “Exeter has enjoyed exceptional growth in our development in recent years, which is reflected in our global reputation.

“We have ambitions to do so much more however, and this Campaign will have a major influence on the University being able to achieve its long-term goals on a sustainable basis. It will help us invest in the things that matter most to our students, staff and supporters, not least by continuing to build ‘research power’ at Exeter.”

The ‘Making the Exceptional Happen’ Campaign focuses on expanding Exeter’s research across key interdisciplinary themes:

Health – The Campaign will support the expansion of Exeter’s Medical School, which is renowned for its expertise in neonatal diabetes, cardiovascular risk and ageing, neuroscience and mental health. The monies raised will fund the growth of these existing areas by creating new academic posts and PhD studentships, as well as financing new work into drug discovery. The associated breakthroughs will have direct impact for patients in the NHS and health sectors across the world.

Living Systems – Exeter’s Living Systems Institute is revolutionising diagnosis and treatment of human diseases such as cancer, dementia and epilepsy. The Campaign will support Exeter scientists and research students to conduct basic research that will pave the way for the development of targeted medicines. The funds will be used to develop solutions to combat plant and animal diseases that threaten global food supplies.

Environment – Exeter is at the forefront of environmental and sustainability research, developing solutions to the harmful impact of micro-plastics on human health, conserving marine biodiversity in our oceans, and advising the United Nations and governments on strategies to mitigate climate change. The Campaign will fund the expansion of research that will be used to influence international policies to create a cleaner, more sustainable environment in the 21st Century.

Society and Culture – The Campaign will invest in areas where Exeter researchers influence societal issues that impact on us all – for example, preserving historical artefacts through a new Digital Humanities laboratory, protecting the UK’s natural environment, conserving languages and cultures under threat, and understanding the rapidly changing nature of international politics, law, finance and security.

Dr Shaun Curtis, Director of Global Engagement and Development at the University of Exeter, said: “We have witnessed outstanding levels of support during the quiet phase of the Campaign, securing more than 40% of our fundraising target and 70% of volunteered hours to date.

“Philanthropy on this scale is vital for the future success and achievements of Exeter. This is an exciting time to be a part of Exeter’s future, and our ambitious Campaign to raise £60 million will provide an exceptional platform on which to nurture research and student excellence in the years to come.”

Gerry Brown, Chair of the Campaign Board said, “Exeter is a great university, and great universities require continued support to stay ahead of the competition. Our Campaign will give everyone the opportunity to participate in some way. It will build on our existing strengths and create new, exciting initiatives.

“I am proud to be Chair of the Campaign Board, and I am confident that we will make a major contribution to strengthening Exeter’s global standing by making a major contribution to the world around us.”

For more information, please visit the Campaign website.

Support the Campaign

If you would like to support the Campaign by making a donation or volunteering your time to help our students, please contact us:
Phone: 01392 723141
Post: Global Engagement and Development, Northcote House, The Queen’s Drive, Exeter, UK, EX4 4QJ


Date: 8 February 2017

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