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Exeter Sailing Club benefit from generous alumni donation

Exeter Sailing Club benefit from generous alumni donation

The University of Exeter Sailing Club were recently able to purchase three new boats thanks to an Annual Fund award, a Crowdfunding campaign and donor support.


The club were thrilled that, thanks to these generous donations, they were able to complete their set of six Firefly racing boats, which has since enhanced their training. This impact was recently shown when one of the teams won the BUCS championships, beating Cambridge in the final.

The team commented on the support that they’ve received: “A new flight of Fireflies now allows all our teams to train together which gives maximum training time for them. With more training opportunities, the experience is enhanced and increases EUSC’s long-term goal of being the best university sailing club in the country.

“Moreover, the up-to-date smart fleet sends a clear message that Exeter takes sailing seriously. Already a significant number of sailors pick Exeter because it's a sailing university, a modern fleet thanks to an alumni donation, the Annual Fund and a Crowdfunding project helps to encourage more sailing students to choose Exeter.”

As well as enhancing training for the club, the investment into new boats also provides an increased awareness into the sport of sailing. The club has 160 members and, has had a higher than normal level of engagement due to the new Firefly fleet.

Finally the team reiterated the importance of the Annual Fund, Crowdfunding projects and donor support by saying: “A project of this scale has the potential to reap benefits for up to 20 years. Many hundreds of sailors will benefit from this project in future years.”

Date: 24 May 2017

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