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Exeter University Canoe Club

Alumni Annual Fund supports Exeter University Canoe Club

The Exeter University Canoe Club recently received a grant from the Alumni Annual Fund to purchase new white water boats.

The Alumni Annual Fund grant of £960, which was devoted to purchasing three new white water boats, went a long way in supporting EUCC by increasing the number of reliable boats available to all club members and associates.

In particular, two of the boats made possible by the grant, benefitted taller and larger club members who the club did not previously have the capacity to cater for. Finally, the third boat will be invaluable for the club as it will allow intermediate paddlers to progress. What’s more, the club were able to take lots of new students out for taster sessions using the boats, and this year were able to sign up a higher intake of kayakers than before which demonstrates the real impact the grant has had.

EUCC’s treasurer commented on the impact of the Annual Fund grant: “The first boat was purchased just before touring Austria, France and Slovenia on the club’s yearly trip to the Alps, and proved indispensable when an older boat developed a leak.”

“We expect the boats to remain within the club for years to come and provide many students with the opportunity to get out there on our trips every week. Due to unforeseen bus and paddle repairs, the club would not have been able to fund these boats without the support of the Annual Fund.”

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Date: 26 October 2017

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