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Exeter Care Homes Reading Project

Additional support for Exeter Care Homes Reading Project

A community project at the University of Exeter has been given a boost thanks to support from two national charities.

The Exeter Care Homes Reading Project was founded by Dr Johanna Harris, Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Exeter, in 2011. It sees our students volunteer to read to elderly people and vulnerable adults living in residential care within the local community, including those with dementia.

Every year, more than 100 students volunteer their time and help to strengthen the connections between the young and elderly through the love of literature. The residents receive regular visits where they are read poetry, short stories, plays and spend time socialising and simply enjoying the students’ company.

It is often the case that older people can begin to feel isolated and lonely despite the excellent care they receive in residential homes. Through the fantastic work of the Exeter Care Homes Reading Project, students at the University of Exeter are able to tackle this issue, helping to ensure that as many people as possible feel engaged and valued in our community.

Thanks to funding secured from the Headley Trust (£10,000) and A.F. Trust Co. (£2,000) the project can thrive and develop for another year. This generous funding will support much needed time to co-ordinate the project and extend it to additional care homes within Exeter so that more residents can benefit. It will also enable Dr. Harris to carry out a full evaluation of the impact of the project.


Date: 22 February 2017

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